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Level 2 Legal

"The amount of trust that I have with them is huge. They get that their job is to make me look good, and that my job is to make my boss look good. Plus, I really like them."

AmLaw 50 Client

Level 2 Legal eDiscovery Solutions

We help legal teams win.

Our clients call us when they've got mountains of data and a looming litigation deadline. They may have no idea what's in the data or the best technology tool to deploy - and they usually need to know, well, yesterday. Our clients often reach out to us when they have a regulatory compliance inquiry and need a team of experienced attorneys to supplement their internal compliance team. And now, more often than not, our clients are calling to get our support in implementing and maintaining their CCPA or other privacy-related strategy.

From litigation and investigations to compliance and data privacy, the Level 2 Legal team of attorneys, SMEs, and tech experts has the same goal as you: To see you win.

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There's no one-size-fits-all approach to any legal solution, so first, we start by listening and asking all the hard questions. We make sure we know the outcome you want by learning your pain points, your unknowns, your budget, goals, and absolute must-haves to make sure we employ the right tech-enabled solution with every matter we support.

Our Story


"I keep pushing until I'm sure I find the right answer to whatever question I need to solve on a particular day."