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Level 2 Legal

"Lead counsel was extremely impressed. They were ecstatic about the quality of work and the great document review team!"

Deputy Director of Litigation, Fortune 50 Company

Level 2 Legal eDiscovery Solutions

Come work with us.


Instead of our telling you how great we are, we asked other Level 2 Legal attorneys what they would want you to know about working here:

“We’re not just seen as 'butts in seats' here like I have been in other employment. I have always been treated respectfully, which makes me want to give my best.”

“The sense of community and collaboration here is rare in this line of work. My favorite day was when one of our leadership team brought his grill/smoker to the parking lot and we had an impromptu barbecue lunch. We care about each other beyond the computer screen.”

“Level 2’s tagline is ‘Yours To Count On.’ After being here a few years, I can tell you that we live this out in how we work together internally, not just how we treat clients. Our work matters.

Yes, the work requires top skills – and long hours are sometimes necessary – but you will never be left to do it alone or under harsh conditions (in other words, we won’t lock your phone in the closet or chain you to your chair).

In return for your dedication and commitment to always giving your best, we will do our best to always give you a competitive compensation package that you won’t find elsewhere.

And we’ll always shoot straight with you about how long we expect a project to run.

If this sounds like somewhere you could contribute, please look at our open positions and apply for the one that's right for you.

Current Openings