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"They are proactive, not responsive. They can see things coming around the corner and can give me ideas on how to overcome them."

Compliance Counsel, Fortune 50 Company

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8 Things Law Firm Partners Need to Know about the Innovators they Lead

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ILTA, Utah, and All Things Innovation

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Four Ways to Move the Needle for Diversity & Inclusion in Your Organization

On a national level, we’re having a conversation on race that hasn’t happened in a long time. For the first time, the scale and depth of these conversations feel real. We must continue the momentum by turning discussions into actual change, while also holding our organizations accountable for the change they want to affect. Level 2 Legal Director of HR Yvette Beale and Facebook Head of Legal Operations Akshay Verma share four ways to move the needle for D&I.

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Moving the Needle: What the Legal Industry Can Do to Improve Diversity and Inclusion

In an industry that began with the principles of justice and equity, it is our responsibility to contribute to the fight for equality in our nation — and the world. The countless conversations discussing the need to seek equality for all must translate into tangible actions. Level 2 Legal Director of HR Yvette Beale and NAMWOLF CEO Joel Stern share 11 ways to respond.

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