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Level 2 Legal

"The amount of trust that I have with them is huge. They get that their job is to make me look good, and that my job is to make my boss look good. Plus, I really like them."

AmLaw 50 Client

Level 2 Legal eDiscovery Solutions


Innovation in Compliance: Playing The Long Game

Leigh Vickery of Level 2 Legal joins Tom Fox on this week’s show to discuss her company’s innovative managed services for the legal and compliance industry. She shares how they help clients get to the next level using a strategic combination of data and behavioral economics.

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Privacy and Compliance Services: Why the Market Is Rumbling Against the Big Four

With the advent of stringent privacy regulations in Europe and the United States, corporations are spending more time and money scrambling to ensure their privacy and compliance processes are able to withstand these high levels of scrutiny. At the same time, competition to provide these services is heating up as the Big Four professional services firms plant their stakes more broadly in this fertile ground.

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We Need a Legal Revolution, Not Reformation

There is an obvious cry from society to reform the law firm business model. Kill the billable hour. Give power to the consumer. Focus on diversity and inclusion. Create a more humane culture. These are all good ideas, but they are not revolutionary – or easily measured. How can we create an economic model that increases the measurable value of the financial, human, and social capital components of the entire legal supply chain?

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COVID-19 Has Brought Unprecedented Upheaval to eDiscovery Industry

The economic and court-related slowdowns brought on by the coronavirus pandemic have led to eDiscovery workforce cuts, business operations changes, and more. But some changes brought by the shift to remote work have had unintended benefits.

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