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"The outstanding work of your team is the reason I can sleep at night."

Deputy Director of Litigation, Fortune 50 Company

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Four Ways to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Bargain-Priced eDiscovery

As you think about the price you’re comfortable paying for review services, consider the value you want and what expenses you may be incurring downstream that may not be covered. Level 2 Legal Director of Client Solutions Daniel Bonner shares four ways to avoid the hidden costs of bargain-priced eDiscovery.

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Data or Fear – What Drives your Decisions?

Technology changes. Data changes. And certainly, the delivery of legal solutions changes. But one thing does not: The value of strong relationships.

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Think Before You Speak (to the Media): Ethics Opinion No. 683

Level 2 Legal Associate Kevin Anders discusses Ethics Opinion No. 683, which provides further guidance on the rules and roles for public-facing attorneys. The trade-off of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution to all at the expense of some First Amendment rights of attorneys is what we signed up for when we became attorneys.

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Legal Tender: The Human Touch We Need in this Techy, Wacky World

There is an enormous gap in how law is practiced versus how it could be. How technology is feared in the real world but revered in case studies. When implementing new technology, forced compliance efforts are short lived and no real change occurs. It takes a tender touch – and much more time, empathy, and patience to help someone learn to make their own good decision than to go ahead and make it for them.

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