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"We give Level 2 Legal access to our systems for data scoping and data collection. We don't give any other vendors the same access. It's really about the trust."

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Imposing Order on Data Chaos

Ilta Whitepaper Series

By Leigh Vickery and Daniel Bonner, ILTA | May 19, 2020

The evolution of legal technology in the past decade has been nothing short of stunning. But the creation of a multitude of digital, data-driven, tech-enabled tools and processes hasn’t solved the problem of creating order from the chaos of data.

Evolution does not equal adoption, and with more cases, more data, more technology, and sweeping regulatory change: all create a continuously morphing cluster of problems conspiring to keep legal and compliance teams awake at night.

Level 2 Legal Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer Leigh Vickery and Director of Client Solutions Daniel Bonner collaborate to share "Imposing Order on Data Chaos" as part of the ILTA Tech Solutions white paper series.

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