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Law in the Time of Corona

Covid 19

When it first hit, we thought, “How will we get through this until we can get back to normal?”

That was a month ago.

Yes, we were prepared. Who doesn’t have a business continuity plan?

Business continuity plans are designed for one reason: To ensure your clients, employees, and investors that you can survive a crisis – and return to normal. These plans aren’t designed to be flexible or innovative and usually fall under the responsibility of the COO or CTO. They are designed to give your company a rigid structure to follow when something catastrophic occurs, and you need a way to keep the lights on.

Fast forward to March 16, 5:45 a.m.

Our CEO called me and said, “Today is the day.”

One week later, our 100-plus team is working 100 percent remote. We have hired 20 new remote attorneys, and we have good clients who are counting on us to help them through.

We never imagined a worldwide pandemic would be the catalyst to force law to play the long game. We thought it might be the Big Four. Or a new ruling in what it means to practice law versus the delivery of legal services.

What we could predict – and began designing years ago – was the need to build a company that could pivot quickly with a flexible infrastructure. Thankfully, our leadership has been committed to the resources, risks, and yes, failures along the way – to do just this.

And perhaps most importantly, we have worked very hard to build a culture in which lawyers are comfortable with change as the new constant. Read that again.

Right now, the legal industry is experiencing what it feels like to have a decade of needed change compressed into weeks. We are seeing massive waves of creativity (forget innovation) in law. We are seeing an unprecedented open-source approach among lawyers to figure out what’s next. Together.

Corona has killed the habit that it takes a month of billable hours to make one decision.

Corona has killed consensus.

There is no business as usual anymore for law. There is no going back to how things were. And if you are a lawyer trying to wait this out until the current threat subsides to get back to your dictaphone and distributions, you might as well go ahead and turn the lights off.

Leigh Vickery, Director of Strategy and InnovationLeigh Vickery serves as the chief strategy and innovation officer for Level 2 Legal Solutions. A graduate of Baylor University in English and psychology, Leigh sees problems as playgrounds. She finds delight in finding answers. Leigh's insatiable curiosity and internal drive to figure things out - along with her ability to connect dots others never see - make her an invaluable resource across the whole company.