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From Animal Crossing to ‘Spirit Week,' Legal Tech Makes the Best of Quarantine

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By Rhys Dipshan, Legaltech News | May 14, 2020

No one wants to be stuck at home. But legal tech professionals are making the best of the current situation, with much help from young family members, fun co-workers and (virtual and real) animals.

As it turns out, being isolated these days isn’t so, well, isolating. Despite being stuck at home with others or being separated from them by distances that can seem insurmountable, relationships aren’t being strained or lost. If anything, they’re getting closer, which has given some a new perspective on their work-life balance. After all, maybe it’s good to stay home more often.

“I can tell you this, I will not go back to that life, this 90-hour week, no matter what,” Level 2 Legal Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer Leigh Vickery said. She added that she spent “like five months in a Hilton last year, literally, [and] no way can my heart go back that. I’ll still do my job and still do a great job, but I’m way more into the virtual, remote experience and traveling for fun. But that’s something I’ve learned about myself, that I’m not going back.”

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