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The Sedona Conference: Advancing More Than Just the Law of eDiscovery


Our friends and colleagues at The Sedona Conference© – led by Craig Weinlein and team – are gearing up for the Conference’s signature Working Group 1 Annual Meeting held this year on October 24-26 in Los Angeles. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with many of you there, in addition to meeting new attorneys and allied professionals united by the Conference’s mission to “move the law forward in a reasoned and just way.”

When one thinks of the Conference, what usually comes to mind is the more than 15 years of work volunteer professionals have poured into advancing the state of eDiscovery law in the United States, often under the steady editing hand and inestimable legal talent of the Conference’s own Ken Withers. Open the “eDiscovery” tab on the Conference’s Publications page, and you’ll see what I mean.

But the Conference has intentionally spread its influence and the deep expertise of its committed volunteers beyond just advancing the state of eDiscovery law and practice. There are now 12 complimentary Working Groups under The Sedona Conference© umbrella. Whether you work in antitrust law, complex litigation, or intellectual property law generally – or eDiscovery, data security and privacy, or technology law more specifically – there’s a Working Group that could benefit from your time and talent.

Click here for a complete list and description of the Conference’s current Working Groups. Of note are the following.

  • WG1: Electronic Document Retention & Production. The original Conference Working Group, which remains focused on eDiscovery issues that arise in litigation, investigation, and other proceedings in the United States.
  • WG6: International Electronic Information Management, Discovery & Disclosure. A spin-off of WG1, this Working Group focuses on international data discovery, including the host of issues surrounding GDPR and related international regulatory regimes.
  • WG11: Data Security & Privacy Liability. A fairly recent addition to the Working Group series, this group focuses on “identify[ing] and comment[ing] on trends in data security and privacy law, in an effort to help organizations prepare for and respond to data breaches, and to assist attorneys and judicial officers in resolving questions of legal liability and damages.”
  • WG12: Trade Secrets. The newest Working Group – and one of several to focus on a substantive area of the law – this group’s mission is “to develop consensus and non-partisan principles for best practices in managing trade secret litigation and well-vetted recommendations for consideration in protecting trade secrets."

There is something deeply satisfying about giving back to our profession, working shoulder-to-shoulder with colleagues outside the context of the usual adversarial system that we find ourselves in. If that resonates with you, then I hope you’ll join us next month in Los Angeles – or at the next meeting of the Working Group that suits you best. Dive in, meet new and interesting people, and volunteer. You’ll be glad you did.