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Level 2 Legal

"We have a great collaboration with Level 2 Legal, including issue escalation and weekly calls. Other vendors don't offer to do so that much."

Privacy Counsel, Fortune 100 Company

Level 2 Legal eDiscovery Solutions

Our Values

Give a damn.

The best legal work comes from a dedicated team of attorneys giving a conscientious spirit of service to clients, co-workers, and Level 2. We are engaged and willing to go above and beyond that which is required – without concern for immediate personal reward or recognition.

• Conscientious spirit of service
• Willingness to go above and beyond what is required; not taking the easy way out
• Recognition that what you’re working toward is bigger than yourself, any one person, or project
• Pride and ownership of work
• Active learning and improvement - everywhere and all the time

Get it done right.

Hard work is its own reward. We seek to collaborate constructively with co-workers and clients in any way possible, even before being asked. This includes a measure of intuition alongside attention to detail — and means that tasks are completed diligently, timely, and efficiently.

• Work hard
• Intuition and initiative to assist co-workers and clients
• Timely completion of work
• Attention to detail
• Collaborative in a positive, constructive and efficient way

Show respect.

Good work is built on good people. We are patient, fair, generous and open-minded, working always with clients and each other in the context of cooperation, support, and respect.

• Cooperative and supportive of each other
• Good steward of resources and facilities
• Treat others as they wish to be treated - The Platinum Rule
• Conflict addressed in a positive and respectful manner
• Communication and interaction is patient, fair, kind, open, and honest