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Level 2 Legal

"Lead counsel was extremely impressed. They were ecstatic about the quality of work and the great document review team!"

Deputy Director of Litigation, Fortune 50 Company

Leigh Vickery | Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
Level 2 Legal

Leigh Vickery

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

At an early age, Leigh discovered that she writes upside down and backwards - and was quite surprised no one else did. From that day forward, she's been at peace with seeing the world a little bit differently - and Level 2 Legal is certainly glad she does. We reap the benefits of her wide perspective with every question she asks. Her insatiable curiosity and internal drive to figure things out - along with her ability to connect dots others never see - make Leigh an invaluable resource across the whole company.

A graduate of Baylor University in English and psychology, Leigh continued her English studies in graduate school at Rice University. She is also a graduate of Seth Godin's altMBA program, earning the class's highest honor for most outstanding body of work, the Frances Perkins Award.

Leigh has worn many hats in her career, from the early days of the information technology world of Electronic Data Systems to founding (and still running) a multi-million dollar cheese company. She's the "Queso Mama," if you ask Costco.

Leigh also serves as the head of Level 2 Legal's Charitable Giving Initiative.

Leigh follows poet Mary Oliver's instructions for living a life and applies this philosophy to her work and her play: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

Leigh sees problems as playgrounds. She finds delight in finding answers.