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Level 2 Legal Response to Covid-19 Outbreak

We are all in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, trying to adjust to a new normal each day. We send our deepest condolences to each of you who has experienced the worst of this outbreak.

Along with the health and well-being of our employees and their families, our relationships with our clients and how we can help them, minimize their risk, keep their data secure, and ensure successful business outcomes are of the utmost importance to Level 2 Legal Solutions at all times. Our mantra is "Yours to Count On," and we are driving this to new levels in real-time right now as we have to lean on each other for new roles and responsibilities, as well as giving our clients the excellent service they deserve in new work environments.

As part of our comprehensive Business Continuity Plan, Level 2 Legal implemented our Remote Workforce Plan on March 17 and has officially transitioned 100 percent of our team members to work in the protection and safety of their homes, with the best in security, software, and equipment.

Thankfully, remote work is not a new idea to Level 2 Legal. As part of our normal work routine, we maintain the security, technology, and flexibility to allow our team members and other subject-matter experts to work remotely based on client requirements and approval. Yes, we were prepared. And for this we are grateful that we made the conscious decision to build an infrastructure and a workforce that can handle today's opportunities - and crises.

Remote Access

User methods for remote access are strictly controlled through security and network policies, as well as Microsoft's Multifactor Authentication. Access is authorized and controlled at the individual user level.

Remote access security policies disable any unauthorized data transfer between the host machine and remote session, including printing, copy/paste, and file transfer. Data loss prevention measures also remain in place. Downloads to personal home systems are prevented because the employee accesses the platform only through the remote session.

Users may only access predefined and centrally monitored file transfer tools through remote access sessions. Network security policy prevents remote users from connecting to these services directly from their personal host computers. All such access is contained within the remote session.

No alternate applications or tools will be allowed or necessary via remote access. All videoconferencing is encrypted end to end.

All of our team members have cleared background checks and hold law licenses in good standing from one of the 50 United States. We have also been recently cleared by a client to work remotely on highly sensitive matters, such as ITAR. We also have a vetted roster of foreign language attorneys ready to work remotely.

Our team members and our IT support are available 6 a.m. CT to 9 p.m. CT on Monday through Friday. Weekend hours are 8 a.m. CT to 5 p.m. CT. As always, Level 2 Legal can work additional hours to meet client deadlines.

Remote Devices

Our employees use company-provided or BYOD-provisioned laptops to remotely access secure virtual environments hosted in Microsoft Azure. Level 2 Legal may also supply employees with remote access to client databases and software, depending on the business need for accessing corporate systems remotely.

Our IT department handles the provisioning and configuration of standard applications and accounts, such as office productivity and collaboration software and security tools (including mobile device management), before the device can access company resources. Remote access is restricted by user and job role and does not allow data transfer between the virtual environment and the host computer. Employee access to company data is on a least-access basis and controlled by user and group privileges defined by the IT department.

All laptops and virtual environments are subject to the same rigorous security policies and restrictions as our onsite computers. All laptops use full-disk encryption and all remote connections to Level 2 Legal resources are encrypted. Company security requirements are enforced remotely through mobile device management (MDM). MDM is required for all mobile devices that may access company data and resources. The employee’s device may be remotely wiped through MDM anytime at the company’s discretion.

Level 2 Legal can scale up the virtual environments to support additional remote users to meet project demands. At all times, all Level 2 Legal and employee BYOD devices are monitored, controlled, and audited under the Level 2 Legal Data and Physical Security Policies.

Timekeeping and Real-Time Reporting

We use TimeSolv as our timekeeping system, which is a cloud-based, secure solution. We require real-time entries from our employees, and we audit and approve them daily. This is by task and is in .01 increments. These are timestamped and accessible for each individual at all times.

We also maintain audit logs in Remote Desktop Environment and each database, as well as idle time. We also monitor additional metrics for each employee that measures their efficiency. This is all performed in real-time, whether on site or remote.

In addition, to help each team member transition to this new work environment, we have established companywide "virtual watercooler breaks" each morning to check in. Also, members of leadership are assigned to each employee to call them throughout the work week to ensure all needs are met and to make sure everyone is healthy and connected to the Level 2 Legal strong community.

Status Updates

Please check this page as we will be updating our remote work status as often as necessary. There is no estimated date of return to on-premise at this time, as we look to the experts in science, data, and mental health to help us plan appropriately for upcoming changes.

For more information immediately, please contact Leigh Vickery, Chief Strategy Officer of Level 2 Legal Solutions, at lvickery@level2legal.com or Phil Anderson, Director of IT, at panderson@level2legal.com.